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 If you already know:


  • You suffer from shiny things syndrome (Ooh but it’s so fun and you don’t want to get bored)

  • There are so many things to do and you’re not sure what to do first

  • You’ve got so many things started but not many finished

  • You’ve got some good pieces of the puzzle but not sure how it fits together


Then this challenge is to help you set things right and takes some decisive action steps in the right direction.


Over 5 focused days:


  • We will come together for a Live training each day

  • Each day get simple action steps that you can implement right away

  • Share each step with others that are on the same journey and we will be by your side the whole way. Discover how normal you actually are 🥰

  • Learn simple secrets of leveraging Law of Attraction so you can start manifesting your future right away

  • Learn the start-up mistakes to avoid and take years off your start-up journey

#SixFigureQuickStart to your Soul Business

When: Monday 10 February 2020


Where: Six-Figure Soul Business Masters Facebook Group

for women healers, practitioners and energy workers starting their wellness business


What: Join now to receive your daily exclusive action steps, so you can follow along with extra support to accelerate your progress and give you a QuickStart

I loved Suzanna's enthusiasm, energy and passion.  Suzanna helped me understand the power of the language I use.



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#SixFigureQuickStart to your Soul Business

This challenge is all about accelerating your success. Doing things hard and taking the long way around is a limiting belief.


You don’t need to limit your thinking. Instead you can take the short cut to setting yourself up to start your wellness business.