Business Roadmap Assessment

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More than an assessment, read the questions below to find out where you're on your business journey and what it takes to get to the next stage. 


How to complete the assessment

1. Read each category and tick the description that you resonate with most. At the end count which

    column has the most ticks. 


2. Read the result that matches your highest score. 


3. Click on the next steps that matches your result. 

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Marketing Message

You feel a calling to help people. You have many ideas on what that might be. You speak with passion about topics close to your heart and have very clear opinions. You’re not sure what that means for having a message. You haven’t yet unravelled what you’re all about. You are on a journey of discovering how you want to help people.

Sometimes you're prolific in what you have to say and then you go silent while you gather and refine your thoughts. You find you tend to talk about the same sorts of things but these are not sorted into themes and are not part of a consistent story you share with your potential clients. Although you have lots to say it doesn’t work to lead people to discover more about you. You’re worried about giving away too much information. 

You have built a reputation and others know who to refer to you. You speak confidently and consistently on the same limited topics. You are the expert in your field and you have found your groove. No-one can shake you and you don’t get the wobbles about what to say and who you are talking to. You know your client well and you know just how to serve them and make a lasting impact in their lives.

Social Media Presence

You have a FB profile that doesn’t have many images of you and you post random facts of memes.


You spend your time on social media scrolling through your news feed to see what others are up to. You respond to what others are saying.

You know you need to do social media and you work flat out and then go silent for periods. Social media feels hard and feels like a burden, it’s all foreign to you. 

Or, you post regularly about anything you think of. You’re comfortable with the tech but don’t your a bit random in what you do.

You have a system in place to consistently post your message. When you post you get interactions and steadily build your connections.


You lead the conversation on social media and post regularly in consistent forums sharing your core message. You are on brand both in what you say and how your social media looks and feels. You’ve got your style and you’re loving it.


You know who want to work with and have worked with family and friends or a small number of clients

You’ve worked with a range of different people and feel clear on who you prefer to work with.

You’ve worked with several paying clients and different rates

You understand your client deeply and what’s going on for them.

You have clear packages or pricing that you apply. You may have a signature program


You’re brimming with business ideas and have been known to build something and before you finish it move onto something else. There is a great deal of fluidity in what you are doing. Your intentions aren’t quite landing.

You’ve got services you offer and maybe products too. You’re focused on finding clients. You know you can help anyone and are happy to work with anyone that comes your way. 

You business is based around a limited core number of programs. You are very clear on what you offer and you don’t waver from core. You know what attracts clients and what people buy. Your next stop is a signature program to leverage all your hard earned lessons.


Your business is costing you money

Your business has spurts of income but not consistent

Your business activities are designed around creating consistent income flow


Systems, what’s that?

You’ve signed up to several free online systems and you use one of them

You’ve got a couple of paid systems that lead you to earning money


You dip into your household budget to fund the business

You’ve got a good idea how much money you need to keep a business going. Most of your money is spent on business coaching

You have a clear budget and know what income you need to earn each month.

You know how much work it will take to earn that level of income.


You feel drawn to do something but have a number of ideas about what to actually do

You have a good idea in your head of what you want to achieve and you prioritise your tasks

You undertake annual and quarterly planning to make sure your efforts are in the right direction


You do tasks as you are inspired to do them

You think about what you need to get done but feel overwhelmed

You have a system to capture what needs to get done and you check them off your list as you go. You can delegate to your VA


If your highest score is in

this column then your business is at the stage of


Woo hoo, you’re turning your ideas into something with potential.

What does this mean … and what do you need to do to change it. 

Your business roadmap can include:

  • Starting crafting a marketing message - Identify the top three things you talk about all the time and feel a burning desire to share with others.

  • Build a presence - Select one social media platform. Start connecting with people on that platform. Decide on the look and feel you want and consistently post, even if once a week.

  • Clients - Decide who you like working with the most and why. Really connect to who they are and how to help them.

  • Programs - Decide on a price point for your one on one sessions and offer an entry low cost item and a standard item.

  • Income - Track what money is coming in and what's going out.

  • Systems - Write down how you do things. Keep a list any IT systems you use.

  • Budget - Start saving towards the goal of supporting your business for about 6 months.

  • Plan - Create a plan for the next 90 days of actions you need to take. Use a paper diary.

  • Accountability - find a business buddy or coach who can keep you on track.

If your highest score is in

this column then your business is at the stage of


Yay, your journey has started and momentum can quickly build.

Find greater confidence by taking a professional approach.

Your business roadmap can include:

  • Refine your marketing message - Pick the one topic you want to get known for. Link the message to services you provide.

  • Build a presence - Select two social media platforms. Connect with people regularly. Build a visual brand and post consistently.

  • Clients - Decide on one ideal client. Write all your content to help them.

  • Programs - Have three clear offerings for your ideal client, build in some bonuses.

  • Income - Allocate income received towards the costs of your business. Start paying yourself.

  • Systems - Build systems for activities you repeat and move essentials online such as payment and bookings.

  • Budget - Document all business expenses and when they fall due.

  • Plan - Prepare a one year plan and break that down into 90 day goals. Use your diary to track your actions.

  • Accountability - Start working with a professional to help you build business momentum.

If your highest score is in

this column then your business is at the stage of


Congratulations you have a business that’s starting to grow. Your hard work is paying off and you are building good business habits.

Your business roadmap can include:

  • Nail your marketing message - Confidently talk about what you do through having a consistent set of key words that describes what you are about.

  • Build a presence - Use your branding to build consistency across all platforms. Build efficiency with the tools you use

  • Clients - Build systems to enhance your clients experience with you and reduce your workload.

  • Programs - Build your signature system that aligns with what you talk about. Raise your prices and your offerings.

  • Income - Start outsourcing tasks that don't generate an income. Focus your efforts on things only you can do.

  • Systems - Review the systems you may have collected over time. Make sure they work together.

  • Budget - Check your budget regularly and make adjustments as needed.

  • Plan - Plan your year, quarter and weeks. Make good use of electronic diaries and efficiency tools.

  • Accountability - Build tracking tools and know your numbers.

Your next steps

To grow beyond a hobby you need a Business Roadmap. One that looks at your whole business and guides you to find your gaps and make the most of what you have.

It’s time to make sure you have the foundations in place and nail your message. Get out of the cycle of having all these things to say and being all over the place to bringing you magic together and making an impact so others start to notice you. Build a tribe of the right kinds of people who want to buy from you.

You’ve done the hard yards and you’re making progress. Keep up momentum and leverage all

your work to bring flow into your day to day. Turn your hard work to ease and flow and plug any small gaps that still might exist. Be sure to regularly review your setup to keep things fresh