Luminous Wisdom:

Sophia by Sibella Publications

Showcasing the original written works of women.

Giving women writers the platform they need to succeed.

'For Women By Women. Since 2007."


Sibella Publications acknowledges and …

  • EMBRACES every woman’s personal journey as sacred

  • HONORS each step a woman takes as divine and blessed

  • BELIEVES each woman’s life purpose is forever in process –– leading, directing and calling her toward her highest good.

Our complete and total commitment is toward a woman’s: 

Personal Growth

Spiritual Awareness

Authentic Living

Global Visioning

Divine Connections

Wholeness & Healing


Presently, we are serving some 70,000+ in readership.

International | Worldwide. 



OUR MISSION is to continue giving rise to a higher, more transparent level of feminine awareness 

and empowerment, through the energetic soul-work and cultivation of mindfulness and compassion 

inside everyday living.  Our magazine publications touch the lives of women all around the world, 

allowing women everywhere to awaken to the divine vibration of their own personal, authentic truth –– 

those fully walking in the power of their calling, and those newly awakening to the reality of Truth.  

Most importantly, remembering the WOMAN they are divinely called to be for the manifestation 

of their spiritual work inside this amazing lifetime!


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