15 Signs you are Ready for a New Version of your Life

New version of your life

Signs of rising from within

1. Knowing - You have this feeling of knowing that you can’t explain. There is some kind of comfort or knowing that things are changing. You don’t yet have all the answers yet somehow you know new things are coming to you

2. Messages - There are many more messages and hints that keep coming your way that show you that things are changing. Your card readings are pointing to transition and transformation in your life and your life circumstances are shifting. Space is being created for change whether it be an internal desire to declutter, a move of address or a change of relationship status.

3. Objective - You have the ability to step back from a situation and see what is going on with objectivity.

4. Positive - There is this feeling that you need to step away or walk away from negativity in your life. You are conscious of negativity around you and you may change your TV viewing habits or stop watching TV at all.

5. Accepting - The need to prove your point or be right has diminished. You find yourself accepting what others say without the need to correct them or point out the facts as you know them. You are more accepting of others and what they choose for themselves.

6. Kind - You have strong feelings of kindness and love towards others. You can see someone for who they truly are and you feel connected to their soul instead of the behaviours they have in this world. Nothing shocks you and see the innocence within.

7. Clean - You feel more compelled to change your eating habits and are drawn to plant-based food. This isn’t a conscious choice, you just feel yourself drifting towards those menu items when eating out and your shopping trolley has more fresh foods in it. You are more sensitive to the aliveness of foods and the process it took to bring a food item to you.

8. Intuitive - You feel more connected with the messages you are receiving from the Universe and your intuition is heightened. You question less of what comes up and act on thoughts and feelings with more ease.

9. Judging less - you can remain neutral when those around you have strong opinions. You don’t feel a need to announce your opinion and you are able to see that there is more than one side to anything.

10. Introspection - Even though you may naturally be an extrovert you are