4 Milestones to Business Mastery

What you need to know as a healer to build your business

There’s a reason you want to be a healer. It’s usually because you feel a calling to help others. This often leads to starting a hobby business. From time to time your might have a client and you start to generate a little bit of income on the side. To take that hobby business to the next level there are four key milestones you need to achieve before you can confidently step out of hobby mode and transition to being a fully fledged small business owner.

It’s completely possible to run a healing business quite well without having too many plans in place, with going with the flow and generally remain solely focused on what you do and working with individual clients. But, income is unpredictable and growth is uncontrolled.

What experience tells me is the people that break free from having an on again and off again income flow, do so by clearly standing up and standing for something. They also have a structure in place so their business isn’t adhoc and they had support along the way. No-one ever really succeeds on their own.

I’ve broken down the four key milestones so that anyone can have the key ingredients to running a sustainable business that makes an impact.

Milestone 1 Stand For

What you stand for goes beyond having a belief or a passion for a topic. What you stand for is your philosophy in life and it shapes who you are and the choices you make. True business success often starts once a person knows their core philosophy and what their soul calling is so that they shape their business around this calling. It becomes what you speak out and speak up about. It is the start of creating a core and meaningful messages that you can stand behind and others can understand. It’s the magic ingredient that connects clients and practitioners together because they are speaking the same language.

You know you’ve achieved this milestone when you can confidently talk about what you do and have multiple ways to talk about how you help clients without getting stuck for words. You know you have totally nailed this milestone when you have an endless amount of ways to talk about your services and you never run out of post, blog and video ideas.

What you stand for starts with your calling. Your calling is usually a modality, therapy or treatment you are called to learn, do, create or teach. It’s where you find your tribe of people, other practitioners that believe as you do and you feel you fit right in. This calling expands to a point where you want others to benefit from what you know and the idea of a business is born. That idea is the first step to creating a mission around what you want to achieve from sharing your approach to wellbeing with others. Your message and mission become intertwined.

Milestone 2 Stand Out

Standing out from the crowd happens when you deeply understand your own mission and message (your philosophy) and can share that philosophy simply with others, without them or you getting lost in words or detail.

I see way too many examples of people talking about what they do at a tactical level rather than how they help others at a level that has meaning to their potential clients. Yes, you may have clients that come to you because they are looking for an NLP practitioner or a Reiki healer but you will have many more people come to when you help them to live free from stress, become confident leaders, or overcome sleeplessness. There is an art to crafting your unique message that is based around your philosophy. But, when you achieve that it is like your words have magic and people can’t help but be magnetised towards you.

What helps your words to resonate with others is more than the message it helps you to be consistent with what you have to say so that you stay on brand. When you stay on brand you get known for what you do to help people and then the word can spread. Notice the power between someone saying ‘Know a PSYCH-K® Facilitator ’, to someone saying ‘I know a PSYCH-K® Facilitator who helped me boost my confidence so I was no longer scared to speak up at work’.

When you are clear and consistent with you message others can build trust in you as a person and practitioner.

Milestone 3 Structure