5 Must Haves to Clearly and Confidently Tell People What You Do

You love what you do and have had great results with clients. You love working with all sorts of people and you enjoy using the breadth of skills you have available. You’re ready for new leads and new clients, but you’re not quite sure how to talk about what you do to attract new clients. Sometimes it all feels overwhelming.

There are many business avenues where we are required to talk about what we do. On our social media, on the pages of a website, when talking to people and at networking events.

Let’s take networking events as an example. Imagine that you’ve just arrived at a brand-new networking event. You step outside your comfort zone and start to chat to someone. The banter is light, and you feel good. Then … they ask you “so what do you do?”. You freeze. Time expands and it feels like minutes of silence have passed while your brain searches for the best way to say what you do. The panic starts to build as you realise you still haven’t said anything. All of a sudden you feel small and not so confident. You blurt out something lame like “Oh, I help women with my energy work”. They smile and return to the banter, and everyone feels awkward. You want the floor to open up and swallow you. You can’t believe the words you rehearsed didn’t come out.

Why does it have to be so hard?

It’s hard when you aren’t clear on some of the fundamentals of being clear who you help and how.

Here are my top tips to help you get clear on confidently telling others about the amazing work you do. You’ll need pen and paper for these.

Step 1 Know your client

You can’t possibly get a message across to someone if you don’t know them. You’ve got to be able to talk their language on their terms. Spend some time thinking about what they like, what they don’t like and what their problems are. If you’re not sure speak to earlier clients and ask them why they wanted to work with you and how things are now that they’ve had your help.

Write down a list of all the issues clients have come to see you about.

Step 2 Mind your thoughts

Sometimes our mind gets way too active, and we fall into self-sabotaging patterns. Understand how you feel and why. Pull out a piece of paper and write down how you feel when you think about being in a situation where need to tell people what you do. What do you tell yourself and what bothers you. You’ve got to get it out of your head and onto paper. It’s the only way to really be objective. It also helps stop the thoughts whirling around in your head. Once you start writing you’ll either be really surprised at how little actually comes out, surface level fear, or, you’ll write pages and it will feel so cathartic. If you come across some real sensitive areas get help. These things don’t go away on their own without deliberate actions to sooth the distress and put things to rest. Nurture you, you deserve it.

Step 3 What’s your offering

Write out a list of what you offer your clients. This includes the services you provide and what you help them improve. It’s easy for us to live in a bubble. The work we do is part of our day to day. Sometimes we forget to consider how much we know and how little regular folk know. We are the expert in our field. Own it. Keep writing out a list of the value you add. That will boost your confidence and give you lots of ideas on words you can use to describe what you do. Spend some time to think about the result you’ve helped a client achieve. For instance, I helped a family man to release past hurts so he could renew family connections. I helped a women to confidently express her views at meetings and she got promoted. Spend some time working through this step as it will make the biggest difference. You could even have business dates with yourself to reflect and capture how much value you bring to others.

Step 4 Remember where your client started

You are an expert in your field, and this has often come from walking a similar journey to your clients. Sometimes we forget about the starting point. It’s important to meet your prospective clients where they’re at. Remember how they feel is quite a few steps behind where you are now. Remember this and it will help you to use the tone that resonates with a potential client. That goes for the words you use. Think of the words they would use rather than your preferred words. Make a list of what they would be telling themselves at the stage they are at. They could be telling themselves that they feel burnt out, overwhelmed, low energy, deflated.

Step 5 Speak of results

One of the traps many practitioners fall into is to talk about their modality or the process they take a client through instead of the result they get for their clients. People are less interested in the method, they just want to get the result, even if they don’t exactly know what result they are after.

Here is a formula you can use to craft a simple message:

I love working with ______________ to _____________

Some examples could include:

  • I love working with mum’s of teens who’ve decided to go vegetarian to confidently and easily prepare healthy family meals where everyone will be asking for seconds.

  • I love working with women close to retirement to feel and look their best so they can look forward to their best years.

The formula will help you get started. It's not meant to be rigid. The idea is to name a group of people and what result they will get. This is important to do so that when you talk to someone they will know if they or their friends are a fit with what you do. If you keep saying something similar you will get known as the go to person for ... women close to retirement who want to look great (insert your special thing here).

Another formula I’ve started using is I’m the one people call when ... (insert who and the result they want).

Be sure to have fun with creating an opener when you meet someone and they ask you what you do. Past clients are a great sounding board and testimonials are great sources of inspiration.

I get that’s easier said than done and sometimes we just need help. I understand that you only get one chance to make a first impression and the first words that come out of your mouth when you meet someone are important.

If you don’t want to do this on your own and you just want some help, then let me help you clearly and confidently share what you do, so you can simply show others your value and prospective clients get what you’re about the first time.

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