A Welcoming of Souls

This book has been created to demystify business and remove barriers so that you can answer your soul calling.

No matter how much you may attempt to ignore your calling, that desire that dwells inside of you starts to pour out of every cell of your body. The longer you ignore that calling, the stronger it has a hold of you. It is only in answering your calling do you find relief and inspiration. It is only then that you can start to see how the pieces of your life have brought you to this place and time.

souls calling

All my years have led me to this point in time, where I am answering my calling. I can’t express the relief and exhilaration that I feel now that I am living my true soul purpose. I was finally able to let go of the need to do the responsible thing and step into the knowing of “everything always works out for me”.

And now with a heart-felt welcome, I am delighted to bring you my roadmap to help you navigate your way to the business of your soul’s calling.

So, what’s a roadmap? A roadmap is a sequence of steps that sets out a framework for starting out in business that gives you steps you can do that will confidently lead you to your destination.

I had spent about three years trying to get my business going. I was stuck in hobby land. I had spent so much money on so many different programs and coaches I was sick of it all. My next step was going to be going back to a day job. I was determined not to do this. My calling would not allow it. It is in this desire and calling that this book was born. I didn’t give up and now you don’t have to either.

After years of trying a number of methods I had picked up many different business tricks as well as having a solid foundation of some 15 years in defining and solving business problems. I’ve taken all of these life lessons and put them into a roadmap for you, so that you can see the full picture of your business and know the purpose behind the action you are taking in your business.

I’ve taken the best bits into this roadmap so that I can protect your time and how you use it. The one commodity we all have the same amount of, is time. Whether you’re the richest person in the world or an average person. What we do with this time is what makes the difference. This roadmap will help you clean up busy activity and swap it out for purposeful activity.

My aim is for you to never be lost again.