Awaken your Divine Feminine in business

Awakening the Divine Feminine is an experience of pleasure. I want to be super clear that this is not a gender thing it’s all energy and perspective. The Divine Feminine is all things nurturing, sacred, intuitive, sensual, compassionate and gentle. She counters the Divine Masculine beautifully where he is structural, organised, strategic, independent, wilful, accountable, courageous and sexual. When we are at our best, we embody both sides in balance by accessing their positive aspects. As with everything there are shadow aspects too. The shadow Divine Feminine can be in victimhood, insecure, passive, manipulative and excessively emotional. The shadow Divine Masculine is aggressive, emotionally void, detached and dominating. There are some simple things you can do to consistently connect to and embody your Divine Feminine in you and in business.

Awakening the Divine Feminine in you

Get in touch with your emotions. This is not about sitting on the couch and crying until you run out of tissues. Getting in touch with your emotions means you expand your understanding of the emotions you feel. Dig deeper than sad, angry or happy. Find elated, spirited, pensive, silly, warm, heartfelt. Expand your emotional vocabulary and sit with your feelings to understand their nuances. There is a world of emotion waiting to be explored when we slow down and listen and feel them in our physical body.

Connect with your body. Our society celebrates us being in our heads and all things intellectual. There is limited encouragement around us to be in and with our bodies. When we become mindful and slow things down or meditate we can start to hear our body communicating with us. We are made up of trillions of cells living in synchronicity with each other and yet each with their own intelligence. Our body does give us feedback and if we slow down we can capture that feedback early and nurture our body to give it what it needs. Sometimes that’s rest, sometimes it’s exercise or any number of other physical or emotional needs we have. Tune in early, your body has a lot to say.

Awakening the Divine Feminine in your business

Support a soul sister. Divine Feminine is naturally intuitive and able to hold sacred space for others. Being an uplifter of others embodies the Divine Feminine where no competition exists. She only sees another sister who is rising or needs help to rise. Tap into your compassion and understanding to hold that sacred space for others. Where any resistance rises or you feel fear around you not succeeding at the same pace as others means you’re dampening your own Divine Feminine energy. Our emotions only ever reflect how we feel and impact us. Journal any resistance to understand it and release it.

Empower expression of emotions. Many of us were denied emotions in our younger years and that sometimes makes it difficult to express ourselves in ways that others connect to. This is often the biggest impediment to women in business being expressive when they communicate with their audience. Many hold back in fear of how they may come across. Others misinterpret what it means to express your emotions and overshare their experiences.

Unless we tap into the emotion that is driving us to work towards answering our soul calling we are continuing to deny our own emotions. This doesn’t mean revealing your deepest secrets or revealing all that hurts you. It means understanding how you feel and bringing that to your work. If you feel passion for a topic bring that fire to what you do. If you feel reflective on a topic then bring that calm and insight into your work. We have a world of emotions to tap into. Don’t fear them or shut them off, embrace them and explore them. You resonate with others when you are genuine about how you feel.

Discussions about the Divine Feminine often neglects to acknowledge the Divine Masculine is also needed to achieve balance. In order for your Divine Feminine to thrive you must first feel safe. That safety comes from the traits of the Divine Masculine. This means to set your business up in a way that is organised and has structures that flow. You can’t run a thriving business if your filing system i made up of piles on the floor.

When you invite in and use the best of the Divine Masculine that then creates a space where you can be responsible, grown up and accountable for your actions. The Divine Feminine needs this balance to feel safe and to fully access her gifts. Without the Divine Masculine structures in your business you will feel the imbalance because you will keep getting pulled out of the feminine to attend to worldly needs. Don’t avoid the Divine Masculine and embrace your Divine Feminine to bring the balance and the whole of you to your work and your life.

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