Do Less, Achieve More

As the year comes to a close, our to-do lists grow longer as time seems to shrink. There’s a reason it’s called the silly season. It’s normal to try and be more organised so we can squeeze more into our days and get even more done. Quite often the pressure builds when we think of all that needs to get done and seemingly little to no time to do it. When we feel pressured is the perfect time to slow down and take some time to reflect. To reflect on what’s most important. Your values are your compass of being the human being you want to be. It’s one of the best filter’s I know to help you sort out what’s important on your to-do list. There is always more to do than can ever be done. That’s never going to change. What will change is how we view what needs to be done.

When we are under pressure and feeling overwhelmed, we are literally scrambling the signals in our brain and making it difficult for ourselves. We are also less likely to take care of ourselves; we start judging ourselves for not getting things done, and we make poor decisions. Some people say they thrive on pressure, but the science tells us the opposite is true. There is so much available that backs up when we calm down and slow down, we are more easily able to access creativity, come up with solutions and physically feel better and more capable of performing tasks.

Next time you feel that you are drowning in work to do and feeling that you will never get things done then stop. I know it feels counter intuitive. Take time to reflect. Write a list. Then, take time to consider what’s most important and prioritise those. Once you’ve prioritised your list add to the top of the list quiet time for you. Simply taking one minute several times throughout the day is enough to quieten your mind and help you access your mind more completely. In that quiet time close your eyes and breath, that’s what I do. Take a moment to look out a window or talk to your pet. This simple act calms the brain waves and gives you more access to your brain power.

That’s my simple formula for doing less but achieving more. Achieving more doesn’t always mean getting more done but it does mean getting a better result of the things you do get done because these things had your full focus. Taking the time to decide what you do gives you a greater sense of control because you know you are doing what’s meaningful to you.

You know you give lots of time to many other causes, people and events. I suggest you don’t forget yourself in that process. You both deserve and have earned time for you. The only permission you need is your own to slow things down and enjoy life more. So, sooth the dragon in you pushing you to do more and do less so you can achieve more.


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