Don't Surrender, Align Instead

Just surrender! I’ve heard this advice so many times, to go with the flow and surrender to the Universe. For some reason this advice doesn’t sit well with me. It feels like surrender is giving up and leaving my life at the whim of something or someone else. I understand the need to let go because I also know I can’t control every aspect of my life either. To control something is to force the outcome. I’ve been caught in this cycle before. Focused on getting a result but feeling the world is against me, getting to the point of saying, “Blow it! this isn’t working, I quit”. Either way feeling miserable about what’s going on. So how to get out of this cycle?

At the core of this cycle is judging whether something is either good or bad, right or wrong. The path to get out of this cycle is to be the observer rather than the starring lead role. When you’re the star you’re in the spotlight and things happen to you. You become the doer, the actor, the central character. An observer has far more chance of directing the scene and seeing things from different perspectives. As the observer you can now narrate the scene and dig deeper to discover what’s truly going on. Digging deeper means asking yourself questions and exploring how you feel.

I was in the middle of one of these cycles while writing this article. I was driving feeling tense and it was one of those times when you can’t catch a break on the road. I felt so annoyed I wanted to cry. I’m thinking, here I am writing an article about letting go and I’m feeling so wound up I could burst. So, I thought about how I’d handle it because I became the observer. I chose to blurt my feelings out loud to feel relief. I allowed myself space and time to feel totally annoyed and within seconds I noticed a brilliant and large-scale display of nature, huge grey clouds and my feelings softened with no effort at all.

It’s important to allow your feelings to be expressed and once you have fully expressed how you feel then you can align with your own wisdom and inner being, your inner guidance system. This is a perfect time to break out the trusty journal and take some time out to reflect on how you feel and start to decide how you would rather feel instead. As we move towards feeling better, we reconnect and align and in alignment we find joy and are open to manifest our desires. That’s why I believe alignment is the key and surrender is simply a description of one step in that process. Take a short-cut and reach for alignment through observing and reflecting on how you feel and then setting an intention to find a better feeling place. Journal or mediate your way to slow things down and get back to joy.