Getting caught in the Rain

The rain was coming down and my hair was getting wet. I could see my curls springing up, no escaping the downpour. I'd forgotten my umbrella and no option to stay dry. But today, it didn’t matter. I told myself that all is good and it’s okay. I reminded myself I was on my way home and would soon be dry and feel relaxed. I accepted today I was going to get wet; the mind chatter was silenced. There would have been a time when getting caught out in the rain would have bothered me and I would’ve focused my frustration on not picking up my umbrella on my way out of the house, even though my intuition told me to. I could have found a myriad of reasons to complain about and all would have been amply justified.

Our brains have a mechanism deep within our ancient brain that was designed for survival. We are wired to protect ourselves and our brains learn what to bring to our attention and what not to bother us about. That’s why someone can sleep while a baby cries and others wake at the sound of a murmur. We teach our brain what to pay attention to. Our mastery and our own demise. That means if we are feeling grumpy and annoyed our brain will bring to our attention everything that makes us grumpy and annoys us. The same is true in reverse. If we expect to see things that please us, then our brain brings those aspect to our attention. It’s why we can catch a flicker of light and our brain tells us about a gorgeous sunset, or it’s what helps us find that perfect gift because we told our brain what to look out for.

I have been a personal development enthusiast for decades. I’ve learned so many modalities and so many techniques to work with energy and thoughts. I knew there could be a big gap between knowing something and applying it. Over the last year I have been through a process where I have been called back to my teachings to update my brain wiring and recommit to what I know. I knew my habit of seeing the bright side of things was slipping. I had allowed the scale to tip a little too far the wrong way. I was fooling myself to think my previous good habits were intact. No matter how much we think we know there is always a benefit in revisiting our favourite aspects of personal development and exploring them more deeply.

This is our life to live and no-one can live it for us. We must decide what we want to experience from life and what decisions we want to make about our lives. I could have complained but I chose peace of mind instead. I know that what I think in any moment is creating my future. I often ask myself if what I’m thinking now is creating the future I want. If it isn’t then that’s my clear cue to reframe my brain and create the future I want to experience. Next time you get caught in the rain I wonder what you’ll choose.


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