Intending a Better 2021

2020 was supposed to be better than 2019. I know lots of people had a tough 2019 including me. I look at life challenges as lessons for the soul. No matter what happens it’s not the event that matters it’s about learning to be the person I want to be and not letting circumstances dictate who I am. That means that nothing that happens really matters, and if it doesn’t matter then it’s all okay. Life is more about overcoming whatever happens and staying in a place of love and happiness. Not because circumstances around me allow for that, despite circumstances around me that challenge that.

Some days it’s a challenge. I’ve been ripped off, made bad choices and at times it’s been pretty bad. I do my best to stop and ask myself who I want to be. I remember to ask myself this when I’m feeling really bad or if I hear myself moaning and groaning about anything that may have happened. What I know is that I don’t want this precious time on Earth to be spent focusing on what isn’t working and instead enjoy all there is to enjoy. No matter how bad I feel the sky is always beautiful. There is beauty everywhere if I choose that instead of self-pity.

If I blame anyone for how I feel, then that by default gives them power and makes me powerless. I refuse to give my power away. I choose what I think and therefore how I feel. My happiness is always within my control. I know that how I’m feeling creates my future. I ask myself often, ‘is how I’m feeling now creating the future I want’. That snaps me back into changing my thoughts, feeling and actions. I can change how I feel by focusing on what is good, what I love and to be more focused on the detail of what I’m doing. That slows down my brain and helps me to feel more stable and return to a place of feeling good.

2021 is an opportunity to do that on a whole other level. I invite you to join with me and set an amazing and powerful intention for an amazing year. That doesn’t mean we control events and things don’t always go the way we think they should. But we can set an intention for joy, for connection and for feeling good. It’s not a New Year’s resolution it’s a commitment to own how we feel. So, let’s set an intention of how we want to feel.

Focus on the feeling then start to imagine the things you’d be doing that create that feeling. For me it’s being with family enjoying a celebration where everyone is gathered around a beautiful space laughing and enjoying each other’s company. Build you version of bliss and ignite and give power to your wonderful intention for 2021. It will be so worth it. Building that vision for how you want to feel will be an anchor and reminder of the life you actually want to be living no matter what is going on around you. May your new year bring you many blessings and much joy.


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