Invitation to Those Being Called

I acknowledge all those that are being called.

Your path is ready and waiting for your greatness. I hear you, feel your stirring, and I see you though I know not your name.

To my soul mate who taught me to believe in me and backed me in every moment of every day. Reminding me I have permission to be me and that is perfectly good enough.

To my four wonderful humans for choosing to take this journey with me. I acknowledge you Anil for teaching me unconditional love. Sarika for teaching me strength. Tarun for teaching me peace, and Tara for teaching me compassion.

I acknowledge the bullies, the harassers, the naysayers, my losses, grief and traumas. Thank you for the opportunity to observe life from many perspectives. Thank you for providing me with stories and building my resilience.

I have no malice as I‘ve moved on while some stay deep in life lessons.

Thank you to my friends who have journeyed with me for a season, reason or a lifetime. You have taught me lessons and supported me when I needed it the most. You have inspired me, understood me, and reminded me what I’m capable of.

A big thanks to my mum for continuing to provide me inspiration and guidance from the other side, and for always having faith in me and supporting me. I hear you and feel you cheering me on.

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