It's OK to Slow Down

You don’t have to be full throttle all the time to get results

Hustle, Grind, Work Hard, Flat Out.

These are all terms used to describe being in business.

This way of being in business comes from an old school masculine approach where there is drive, push and getting to the top.

The world is moving away from that approach. I don’t believe we need to be working around the clock and that we don’t need to be pushing to have a successful career and business.

We’ve had too many years of being disconnected, of getting customers and that time is drawing to a close. To stay ahead of the curve you need to adapt to a new way of doing business.

This is a feminine approach to doing business. Feminine does not mean female. Feminine is a level of energy that is applied and is more about nurturing to achieve a results, taking a longer term view and not a short term win at all cost view.

From personal experience and I hear this from my clients too. When they nurture themselves and align with their purpose their outside world starts to line up too.

In order to align we must first take a back step and create space. In a hustle and grind approach you’d be spending lots of energy looking for the angel, working to get things done.

I’m more about inspired action. This means stopping what you are doing and creating space for inspiration to come to you. For me that may be sitting down and sipping a cup of tea and focussing on my breath. What I do is quieten my mind.

My clue that I need to do this is when I feel my stomach feeling knotted and I feel stress raising in my body. I might feel stuck or feel a lack of inspiration. The old masculine approach would be to work hard, to push more.

I used to do that when I was in a corporate business role. There was lots of strategising. That lead to decisions being made from the mind.

Our conscious mind has limited processing capability because it’s the new part of our brain.

When we slow down and take a back seat we actually open up pathways in our physical brain that allows for creativity to surface. While we weren’t paying attention our sub-conscious mind has been taking in millions of bits of information that wasn’t within our conscious awareness.

When we surrender and instead become more present. All you need to do is take a deep breath and you instantly become more present. You have to because we only breath in the now and if we focus on the breath we therefore focus on the now.

From this place, of peace and quieting the mind slivers of ideas and thoughts start to come up. Allow the thoughts to surface and be witness to them. If something feels inspiring you’ll know it because you will feel your body buzzing or feel a sense of elation. There will be a physical shift that you’ll feel.

This is where inspired action comes from. I find that is when I shift gears and act on the inspiration that comes.

We need to reset our thinking every time things aren’t working for us. It isn’t the outside environment that’s the problem, it is how we process the outside environment that matters most.

I believe when we feel that inspiration we are in alignment with our inner knowing. That knowing that guides us when we stop resisting and stop making our brains so busy that we shut down the inspiration.

Inspiration is a whisper and you need to turn down the volume to hear a whisper.

So, it's okay to slow down, to use a method that helps you feel and from there inspiration starts to come. That's when to act with impact.

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