Masculine Weakness, Feminine Strength

Weaving a web of feminine strength. It’s a well-known fact that a spider’s web is essentially stronger than steel. Who’d of thought that something so silky soft and shiny would actually be stronger than something forged in fire. This is the perfect analogy for today’s topic. How the world works is changing and as a tribe of women we stand in our strength and help the shift occur with ease and grace. I want to be super clear that when I talk about masculine and feminine energy this has nothing to do with gender. Masculine is about structure, form and drive. Feminine energy is about flow, nurturing and inspiration. Neither is wrong or right; they coexist to create balance.

The problem is we as individuals are out of balance. It’s a patriarchal thing that has supressed feminine energy and encouraged the masculine, at a great cost. Our corporate world and structures celebrate the masculine. The Gordon Gecko 1990’s ‘Greed is good’ days have collapsed. We have the opportunity now to fill the void with the rising feminine. There is a reason the Dalai Lama said the world will be saved by the modern woman.

What’s important is that we access the masculine and feminine aspects of us that are resourceful, that uplift and uphold the positive aspects of each. This is where the strength of the feminine comes in. The feminine creates space for growth, for nurturing, for making mistakes without judgment. The weakness of the masculine is when it is all about getting, pushing, dominating and steeped in logic and judgement. There is very little growth and exploration that happens when our environment is contained and restrained. To bring the balance back at an individual level there are many things you can do.

Become an observer. Observe the language you use and how you act. Do you use masculine language or feminine language? Do you talk about getting, building and having things, or is your conversation about going with the flow, resonating with others and creating? To increase access to positive feminine traits, spend more time in nature, take time to regularly meditate. Connect more to your physical body by dancing or other movement. Expand your emotional vocabulary and take more time to nurture your mind and caring for your body.

When we bring back balance internally, we release internal conflict and balance starts to show in our external environment too. We reduce the level of stress we are under and can more easily flow between our masculine and feminine. I believe it is important to experience this internal growth personally. Particularly as women we seek out others to fix without first taking the time to ‘fix’ ourselves. When we stop and nurture ourselves before we help others then we can give to the world at a deeper level and make a bigger impact. It’s like there is this unwritten agreement that women put themselves last and squash our sense of self-worth. That time is ending, the feminine is rising. Become part of the change and connect to other women stepping into their feminine power too.


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