My Story

It didn’t come easily.

I wasn’t listening, and I wasn’t making progress to my soul’s calling. The Universe delivered what I needed just in perfect timing.

The last few years of working in the corporate world my soul was calling to me. I ignored it. I had all the legitimate excuses and all my outwardly reasons for being a hard-working woman, seemed so well justified. After-all, I had to pay the mortgage, I had to buy food, be a good role model for my children. Oh, I even tried to convince myself that this was my chosen path and I would be happy when … I would be happy when I got a different role, I would be happy when I achieved another qualification, I would be happy when I became the best leader I could be.

There was only one person I wasn’t fooling, and that was me. I knew I wasn’t living on purpose and I felt the weight of my day-to-day. This was manifesting in my body and I was putting on weight, even though I had never had a weight issue in my life. I was putting on weight and I had lost my passion for what I was doing.

I knew in my heart of heart’s that I was meant to be at home and working my light. Living my soul purpose. I used to dream of being home and getting paid to be home. There’s one thing I’d always say to my kids “Be careful what you ask for, as you might just get it”.

What I asked for came when I had such a strong desire to be home I felt it in my being. I needed to be home. I just didn’t know how I could be home and get paid.

Well, the Universe delivered. I woke up one morning and walked to the letter box. One sudden moment and I was down on my hands and needs. The pain was worse than I had ever felt before and I was off to hospital in an ambulance. I had torn a calf muscle and it was bad. I spent the next few months recovering, being paid for being home. The circumstances weren’t ideal as the drugs made my world very fuzzy and living in a wheelchair on the second floor wasn’t much fun.

I never once took for granted the privilege of being an employee. I fully respected my employer for taking the risk, so I could have the privilege of taking home a guaranteed pay cheque each payday.

I worked for six months with a business coach and a beautifully supportive executive to nurture me into a better leader and nurture my team to be their best versions. The stage was set. I had felt my work was done and I was having fun again in my job even though the calling had never subsided.

That gentle whisper inside was now calling for me to be home. I had responsibilities, so I couldn’t quit. I set a new intention that I would like to be home for a year and be paid for not having to work. I always felt that any financial goal I met I exceeded. This was not beyond the realm of all possibilities. I set the intention and then forgot about it.

About nine months later I was called into a meeting. There was a HR rep in the room and I knew that this meant I no longer had a job. I started work at 9:00am that day and finished at 10:00 am never to return. My role was declared redundant along with many other members in the business. I went and told my team that I couldn’t tell them anything and that no matter what, I will be alright.

I received a redundancy that meant I could be home for one year on full pay, so now I could start my business.

If you don’t listen to the whispers the calls will get louder.

It was time for me to answer my calling.

May the pages in this book lead you gently to your own calling, where I may show you the roadmap of least resistance.

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