Positive Thinking False Hope

It’s a lie. That thinking positively will make you happy. This lie gives false hope and it makes you the problem. It says if you don’t think positively there must be something wrong with you. It falsely promises positive thinking equals happiness. Not true and I’ll tell you why. Thinking positively uses our thinking mind, your pre-frontal cortex, where we hold our attention on things and solve problems. We can’t hold our attention for long because we aren’t designed that way. We’re designed to learn then store. We store how to do things in our sub-conscious mind which we then reuse on autopilot. You want autopilot for driving, writing, reading and eating. Ever seen a small child think really hard about bringing food to their mouth? Therefore, positive thinking takes way too much effort and each time you catch yourself thinking negatively you beat yourself up. I love the way Abraham Hicks puts it. You can’t put a happy sticker on an empty gas tank.

The problem is when our mind and our body aren’t aligned, we might say something positive or tell ourselves we should be happy but at our core we still feel awful. The only way we can turn this around is to bring the body mind connection together so that when we say something positive it fires off good feeling chemicals that swim through our body instead of that awful feeling when you know you’re kidding yourself.

So how do you turn it around? There are only a handful of ways to turn things around by reprogramming your sub-conscious mind. Our brains have been conditioned as children and reinforced in our younger years. You only know what’s programmed by looking at your life to find areas that aren’t working well or where you feel stuck. Bruce Lipton talks about love being a wonderful way to change our minds because when we are in love, we are conscious. Love what you do, and you teach your body to respond in loving ways and it feels all so good.

Energy work is another way for rapid change. I use PSYCH-K® and it’s the method Dr Bruce Lipton says he’s most familiar with. Our brain fires electrical impulses, so energy work literally changes how your brain fires up to create new pathways. Repetition works but can take a long time. Repeating affirmation statements often with want you want to believe you can eventually convince yourself it’s true. That’s how commercial jingles get stuck in your head it’s been programmed into your mind through repetition and we repeat it without thinking. You may as well program your mind with stuff you want rather than leaving it open for others to reprogram. You can significantly enhance and speed up affirmations through saying or hearing them in a meditative state. When in meditation our brain waves change and help to reprogram our minds. You decide how to program your mind and undo what is left over from your past.


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