Resistance is the Clue to our Greatness

What is resistance

Resistance is pushing against something, it is holding back and staying away from something. Resistance can keep us safe and helps us to watch out for danger, scammers and things that will leave us worse off. It has its place.

However, resistance shows up regularly where it isn’t wanted or needed.

When you feel resistance to something it is worth exploring that feeling and thoughts further to see what’s behind the veil. It is only in digging a little deeper that you find the gold that has been waiting all along to be discovered.

One of the ways I have experienced resistance is when I get a flash of idea and then the next thought in my mind is to dismiss it. I might rationalise it away saying it’s not that important, or talk myself out of it.

When we get ideas it is inspiration that comes from our superconscious mind and then our heavy new brain, the conscious thinking part, kicks in as if it knows best and we start thinking. Thinking can kill an idea dead in its tracks.

So many times I would get ideas, thoughts and inspirations and I would tell myself a lie.

I would say I’ll look at that later, but later never came.

I can be turning in bed and an idea I never had before would pop into my mind and I’d pretend that was such a great idea I’ll remember that when I wake in the morning. The morning would come and sometimes I’d remember I had an idea but either my enthusiasm was gone or the idea was gone. Vanished as if it never existed.

Ideas and inspiration don’t come at convenient times. The ideas come when we least expect them.

The idea for this post came to me just as I was about to drift off to sleep. Trust me I was tempted to just say blow it I’ll think about it tomorrow. But now I know better. I use my phone and take notes in a flurry to make sure I get all inspiration that comes to me at the one time. If I don’t I won’t be able to recreate the idea when I’m properly awake.

Hiding behind excuses

We have many legitimate excuses for not doing things and when you look at them more deeply they add up to resistance. However, we have very few criteria for when we will do things. If you have criteria that helps you to set up rules around making decisions you are on a winner.

I spoke about this recently when we tell ourselves that we don’t have time or money for something. In my experience if we truly want something excuses don’t stand in our way. The problem with this type of resistance is that it doesn’t have an end point. Time is finite we can’t go out and get more of it. We don’t get more time we simply reprioritise our time.

The remedy to I’ll do it later is to decide how to decide. If you say I’ll do it later then later never comes. But, if you say I’ll do it when my next pay day comes or when my friends come over or any other criteria that helps you to decide then that will get you out of an endless loop of promises to yourself that you don’t keep.

The cost to us

It keeps us small. When we diminish our ideas we diminish who we are and what we have to contribute. We unknowingly walk away from our divine right to share our gifts with the world.

If only I had paid attention to what I was inspired to do along the way.

The time and money I would have saved and the missed revenue of not getting my story, my gift and my message out there sooner, when I was inspired and had the fire in my belly.

When you are excited about something it can’t help but pour out of your fingertips if it’s written or on a device when recorded. People respond to you differently when you speak from your heart instead of trying to be clever with your words and guarded and careful with your thoughts. The time for slickness is gone. People relate to relatable people and that means imperfect.

That’s why I’m holding space for others to do the same. I don’t want others to wait any longer to share their gifts from the world.

If you have a gift it is your right to share it. But resistance stops us from sharing ideas and gifts because we stop to think about how what we have to say will be received. We judge ourselves before we have even given the idea a go. No-one will ever judge us as hard as we do.

Resistance is a dream killer. Rise above your resistance and give it light and life.

Your idea isn’t silly, you don’t need to wait.

Stepping through resistance

Follow your inspiration and soothe the inner critic by shifting your focus to excitement rather than fear. The two can’t coexist in the same space so you may as well feel excited.

When you walk past the initial thoughts of fear, criticism and doubt you will find a whole world of opportunities open up for you. It is only after you cross that line that you can connect to that feeling of inspiration. From that feeling you will attract more ideas and thoughts that grow.

You won’t have to worry about inspiration running out as it will continue along its natural course.

Your greatness

It is from this place of stepping through the fear that you will find the greatness that is already within you. Keep walking and you may just be surprised by the depth of value and gifts you have to offer.

I firmly believe that when we have an idea, from inspiration, that we are meant to share that message. That means there must be market for it and people who are just waiting to consume your gifts.

Remember that nobody has the same experience and perspective as you do. So, even though there may be others in the world with ideas similar to yours they are not you, so they can’t capture the thoughts and sentiments in the same way.

You are unique and therefore so are your gifts.

Be inspired and step through resistance to your greatness.

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