Shifting Bad Habits

My habits were keeping me stuck. I wish I knew the power of changing habits earlier. I didn’t know that it was my brain wiring holding me back. I used to think there must be something wrong with me and wondered why everyone else cruised through life and not me. I had a bookshelf filled with personal development books and delved into holistic healing. I learned all about Stephen Covey’s 7 habits of effective people. I thought that if I kept looking, I’d eventually find the answer. There were two problems with my thinking. I didn’t know the answer I was searching for, and I thought I’d find the answer out in the world. I wanted someone to fix me.

Over time I learned how to ask the right questions and where I to find answers myself. It’s not that I’m perfect or that life is always easy, and I have my meltdown moments, but I know how to look at my life and my circumstances differently. I no longer spiral down when something goes wrong, not for long anyway. I’m now able to understand what’s happening and how to get help. The journey to this self-discovery was first tuning into my emotions, then understanding the language I was using in my head. Once I knew that I was able to start switching my language to softer words and then to positive words. Each little step I took I was building new habits. My new habits were changing what I said to myself and about myself.

Once I got the hang of switching emotions then I was able to look at circumstances with a fresh view. Instead of reacting I would start to ask myself questions about what was really going on. We often fall into the habit of telling ourselves stories about what is going on. These stories ger repeated again and again and they become an ingrained habit that feels so hard to shake. The truth is it’s possible to shake any habit. Starting with awareness and connection to your emotions. The blessing and curse are our personal development journey is never done. There is always time and you can always have another go. There is no need to give ourselves a hard time. The time for that has stopped. It is now time to change our relationship with ourselves and raise our vibration to what feels right.

The next time you hear your mind chatter and you don’t like how it makes you feel then breathe deeply and slow down so you can listen to your self-talk. Learn your story through the words you think and the emotions you feel. Your body is a messenger and it always brings you the information you need. Listen and feel how your body reacts to stress, sadness, fear and doubt. When you recognise how your body reacts to what you feel and think then you can connect to what’s going on quickly and at a deeper level. It gets your mind chatter to quieten down as you explore your physical being. This alone is a huge step to finding peace of mind and breaking old habits.


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