Start with the End

If only I was more organised. That’s what I used to say to myself all the time. I used to think that if only I could organise my day better, work smarter or do something different then I would get more done. It didn’t register with me that everyone else around me thought I was super organised. It wasn’t until someone said to me “No Suzanna, you aren’t as organised as you’d like to be”. That one sentence seemed to sink in, and I started to own the fact that I’m an organised person. It was okay for me to like structure and order. Now I own it and celebrate it, even when those around me sometimes tell me I’m too organised. I don’t confuse organised with rigid. I’m a thinker and a planner but know a plan is just a plan and can change. I’m cool with that. I’m just more comfortable with having things thought through.

December and January were filled with busy activities but, in February, you get to take a breath and ponder the year ahead. By first reflecting on the year ahead you can create new things this year and avoid living your life on autopilot, destined to repeat the same patterns year after year. Our routines are centred around predictable activities and results. To change our results, we must change our behaviour. You change your behaviour by changing your routine.

I invite you, along with me, to start a new daily routine and daydream what you would like to have in your life this year. Take a moment to think of what you want in a relationship, your home environment, your work environment, your bank account, your travel and adventure plans, in your family. When you’re clear on what you want that is when it is time to start setting goals for this year. I’m of the opinion that life is too short to wait for what we want. That means I look for ways to bring what I want into the now and take micro steps to my big goals.

Let’s say you want more money. You don’t achieve this by going on a spending spree, instead you focus on how you would feel if that was true. You may feel so house proud and keep your place spotless and start styling your home using what you already have so it looks and feels like you are living in a luxurious home. You may find some prints second hand that have your dream view. Bring all you want alive now. Tomorrow is too far away. Don’t wait. Start taking small inspired steps in line with what you want and you will feel fulfilled all year long.

By focusing on the inside first you are actually programming your mind to find opportunities that match your daydreams. Give this a go, a proper go with good feelings for 30 days and see what changes for you.

Connect with me and let me know you how go.


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