Stop Wasting your Money on Advertising your Stuff

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People don’t buy because you have something great to sell them, they buy you.

Selling is a relationship and if you are out there spending money trying to get as far reach as possible then you are wasting your money. Because your message becomes just noise, jumbled up in all the other advertising.

It’s not that advertising is bad, that’s an important part of any business strategy, it’s not knowing how to advertise where the waste comes from.

My mantra:

one person, one message

anything else and you’re making advertisers wealthy, not you.

The most common mistakes I see are:

  1. Failing to describe products in a way that interests people

  2. Unable to convey the benefit from their product in a way that makes an impact

  3. Treating clients as a transaction instead of a lasting relationship.

The sales game has changed.

Anyone telling you it’s a numbers game is earning their numbers through you.

That’s my pet peeve.

How easy for them to say it’s a numbers game as it’s not their time getting wasted and it’s not their sales that are slipping away. Wasting time with leads that will never buy.

The way to go these days is client attraction.

Imagine the reverse scenario, where instead of wracking your brain trying to come up with ideas of ‘getting’ clients they instead seek you out and come ask you for business.

Let’s just savour that for one moment.

Picture it: clients come to you because they want to spend money with you. All you need to do is genuinely match them up with the best product for them.

It doesn’t stop there.

You need to know how to have the sales conversion without putting them off.

This is where Push Pull comes into it. The more you try to push products and services onto potential customers the more they naturally pull away. That’s not what you want your customers doing.

In fact you want the opposite. You want them to see you as such an attractive option that they are pulled towards you. In fact, you get to decide who you work with because you are spoilt for choice.

That brings us back to client attraction.

To attract clients it's important to give them the stuff they want, not the solution you want for them.

In the words of those cute but now annoying meerkats “simples”.

I hate to see good people putting good money out for bad.

Before you spend another cent on advertising or chasing clients please contact me to have a chat, before you hand over your shrinking budget for little to no return.

Together we’ll walk through what you’re now doing and eliminate any mistakes, before they cost you more money.

Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. Unsuccessful people are always asking, “What’s in it for me?”

Brian Tracy


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