Stop Wasting your Money on Advertising your Stuff

stop wasting your money, credit cards

People don’t buy because you have something great to sell them, they buy you.

Selling is a relationship and if you are out there spending money trying to get as far reach as possible then you are wasting your money. Because your message becomes just noise, jumbled up in all the other advertising.

It’s not that advertising is bad, that’s an important part of any business strategy, it’s not knowing how to advertise where the waste comes from.

My mantra:

one person, one message

anything else and you’re making advertisers wealthy, not you.

The most common mistakes I see are:

  1. Failing to describe products in a way that interests people

  2. Unable to convey the benefit from their product in a way that makes an impact

  3. Treating clients as a transaction instead of a lasting relationship.

The sales game has changed.

Anyone telling you it’s a numbers game is earning their numbers through you.

That’s my pet peeve.