Strength in our Separateness

A time when closeness is the silent enemy. The Coronavirus has rocked our world. It started as a news story and I don’t pay too much attention to news stories, but eventually this one caught my attention. As it started to spread it became one of those stories I couldn’t help but be glued to. It all seemed so academic until it started to hit home. It’s not that long ago that we had cases and deaths in my local area. We are a relatively small town, we always laugh that in Canberra there is only 2 degrees of separation between people. Everyone seems to know someone who knows someone. We are connected even though we are not neighbours.

I started to pay attention when I heard it was the elderly that are most at risk. I live with my 86 year old dad and he’s doing well for his age but he’s not immune. All of a sudden, I started paying closer attention and this protective streak was showing up in me that I haven’t had to tap into that often. All of a sudden, I felt super vigilant on what was happening around me and what presented as a risk to my dad. It was an internal conflict of not being a panic merchant and having high values on general wellbeing and universal forces. Times like these test your values base.

I spoke to those that mix with my dad and I was pleasantly surprised at their caring and willingness to take measures to keep my dad safe. The advice is that the worst is yet to hit so we are in preparation mode. We are advised to stay apart, keep our distance and up our level of personal care. It is sort of this knowing that has come over the people that are together but separate that we are being responsible and taking care of each other by staying apart and staying vigilant of our daily habits. I take comfort in this calm and knowing that pervades. I have and will not succumb to the panic buying that has been going on. Instead going about our daily lives with a bit more space created.

So many people have already passed and for now I’m blessed that no one in my close circle has become ill. I bring my awareness to the broader picture and what is going on at a Universal level. For the new to arise there must be a bringing down of the old. Our global systems are breaking down. Things that used to work in a predictable way are no longer predictable. My healing modalities have taught me to never shoot the messenger and instead to look for an answer. From that I take strength in feeling that no matter what happens all is just the way it is supposed to be. Day to day life happens, we take care, we stay separate and take strength from knowing, all is well.


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