The 3 things that sabotage your message getting out

What is it that is sabotaging you from effectively getting your message out to the world? You know what the world needs, you’ve likely personally experienced the benefits and you are an expert at what you do. But, when it comes to sharing what you do with others there seems to be a barrier between you and getting your message out to the world.

Here I share with you the most common reasons I come across when working with clients that holds them back from sharing their message.

Do you ever hear yourself saying one of these three things:

  • I’m not clear on my message

  • I’m not sure what to say

  • I don’t get enough engagement

If you answered yes to any of the above, keep reading to dig a little deeper and find your way out of these three traps.

1. I’m not clear on my message

What this usually means is that there is an underlying fear or concern that your message isn’t perfect.

You’re off the hook because there is no such thing as getting your message perfect or right.

Yes, of course there is an art form to messaging and I can go on for literally days to share so many details about messaging. But, you should never stop speaking your truth and sharing your wisdom with the world.

People and your potential clients are interested in you and what you have to say. The most important remedy here is to keep talking about what you believe in.

The only way to refine your message is to keep talking about your message. You may think you are being repetitive and that is the point about messaging.

Here is my golden tip on getting some clarity and focus around knowing what your message is, and keeping it simple.

Tip 1: Write a list of topics you believe in and feel you want to share with others

Tip 2: Do some searching online on these topics and see what others have to say

Tip 3: While researching your topics write down what your unique perspective is, what do you have to say that is different or even the same

a rising tide lifts all ships

Do that thinking and that research and you will gain some clarity on your message.

2. I don’t know what to say

What this usually means is that you fall into the trap of overthinking your message. Overthinking sends us into overwhelm and then we become paralysed to act.

Let me tell you right now you have an endless supply of content within you right now. How can I say with so much certainty? Because I have lived on this planet long enough and spoken to enough people in my lifetime to know that people have thoughts and views on many topics. What you have to say is you opinion and your view of the world. That is all you need to focus on. People need to hear your message and your points of view.

If you are anything like me, you too have experienced the benefits of you modality or healing practices that you feel compelled to share with the world. The only way for more people to learn about what you know is to share your message. If you feel called to share what you do then you have a soul contract to get your message out there.

Tip 1: Write a list of things you feel you have to say.

Tip 2: For each item on your list write five sub-points to that one topic

Tip 3: Write one sentence for each topic you have listed

All of that put together will give you about one month’s worth of content on social media.

This is where law of attraction comes in. When we focus on one area for just a short time then other thoughts and ideas like it come to us and it becomes less effort to come up with ideas.

Trust your intuition here and stop over thinking your message.

If you still feel any resistance to articulating your thoughts then speak into a record device or similar. Learn if you do better writing out your message or speaking your message. When it comes to social media there is one simple rule: Speak with people online the same way you would speak to them if they were in the room with you.

If someone was in the room with you, you would use natural language that wasn’t complicated or forced. The words would flow as you spoke. You’d be warm, friendly and respectful. When you get comfortable with people that might be when you start to break out of your shell a little bit and show off your wonderful personality with pride.

Social media is another platform for speaking with real people. The more you communicate the more comfortable you feel and then you will get to a point where you feel like you are talking to your friends and your message will start to flow more easily.

I encourage you right now to go and make a post, meme or video on a topic that is important to you. On that topic share one tip that you have found that has made a difference for you. People need to know what you have to share.

3. I don't get enough engagement

What that usually means is there could be an underlying fear that you don’t feel good enough.

I love the Marianne Williams quote:

Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?' Actually, who are you not to be?

There can also be other fears about not wanting to make a fool of ourselves or for of attracting trolls.

Your people need to hear your message. I believe if we are called to start a healing business it is because others need what we have. If you ever get any comments from trolls then you have the power to delete their comments on your site. I see my social media platforms in the same way as inviting someone into my sacred space, be it an office or my home. If anyone was rude to me or had beliefs that were so wildly apart from mine I would ask them to leave. It’s the same on social media.

When it comes to your people, hey are watching you. The people that need your message are listening to your message, they are watching your videos and reading your posts. You don’t need to have a huge audience to have paying clients.

Speak your message for those that need to hear it.

My tips to you:

Tip 1: Ask people you have worked with or those you are now working with what were the benefits from your sessions. They will soon tell you what was most important to them and how you helped them.

Tip 2: Be consistent, even if that is only once a week, make it every week and start building as your confidence builds.

Tip 3: Reflect on how what you do helps people. Not everything needs to be action. It is important to align with the energy of your message too. Get to a meditative place where you feel the impact of your message and feel your message energetically connecting with those in the world that need to hear it. They will find you.

Go forth and share your message. It’s needed in the world now more than ever before.

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