Too Late to Start Again

If only I was young again. That old saying “If I knew then what I know now”. If you’re wondering if it’s too late to follow your Soul Calling, then I’m here to tell you emphatically, no, it is not too late to start again. It’s inspiring how Louise Hay, founder of Hay House, transformed lives around the world and only wrote her first book at age 50. For another 41 years she followed her passion. Many may think of retirement around 50, but those who are called know deep inside that isn’t an option. I felt the calling too and it was time I answered it.

For 30 years I was ambitious and driven to reach the top. But I wasn’t satisfied. I only felt that I was living on purpose when working in wellness, not the office. A struggle between my heart and my head? The bills still need to get paid. What if we don’t have to choose? What if we can have everything? I started working part-time in wellness and that soothed my soul. You don’t have to get rid of your old life to live a new one. I tell my clients to love their job before they leave and be grateful their employer helps pay the bills. Going hungry doesn’t make you happy. Change how you feel, before you change your job. Starting a new career while still working gives you choice and frees your mind while reducing the pressure. I now choose to make my life about connection rather than achievement. I learned that connection is one of my driving forces and fills me up like nothing else.

What I love about making the decision and commitment to change the direction of my life is that I’m not alone. There are so many other women that are making the change. I can’t tell you how many accountants, pharmacists, dental hygienists, nurses and so many other professions where they had dedicated 20-30 years of their life and they just knew they needed something more, something different. That was to follow their dream and live their destiny. They couldn’t look into their future and see that nothing has changed. They could only see sadness and regret if they didn’t follow what was burning in their heart. That was true for me too.

The golden little secret about starting again is that you now have skills and experiences gathered over time. So, you aren’t starting over. Sometimes I wish I chose differently in my 20’s but when I really think about it, I know I wouldn’t have the skills and knowledge I have now. Instead how blessed I am to have experiences to draw on to make different decisions. This means I can now enjoy my new adventure more fully because I made the choice consciously for me. I’m no longer following what others expect of me. Are you living your destiny? May you find your passion and fortitude to live it.