Turning Away Abundance

Where’s my money? Have you ever put an order to the Universe for more money? You may have said I want more clients, I want to win the lottery, I want a pay rise. You have a glimmer of hope and secretly you think it’s your time and then nothing happens, except for maybe an extra bill you didn’t plan on. You feel almost surprised you didn’t get what you wanted and under your breath you mutter, nothing good ever happens to me, or that’s not fair I deserve to have things. These are all examples of how we place conditions on how we receive our money. We are trying to tell the Universe how to deliver to us what we believe will make us happy. Instead of telling the Universe how to get the money we need to focus on the feeling of what we want as if we already had it. The Universe delivers us exactly what you feel. If that feeling is lack of money, that’s what you get.

Now I know that’s a bitter pill to swallow. What I tell people is that your energy arrives before you do. So, if you are worried about bills, stressed about work or complaining about all that is wrong in the world you are sending out a nice steady signal that you want more of the same. What I’ve discovered is that without knowing it many people are turning away abundance. How? By paying a bill late, not putting in your tax return on time, not actively handling money. The irony is that people want more cash are ignoring and pretending it doesn’t exist. What’s worse they talk about it like it’s a curse. All that pushes money away.

What if I told you that nurturing and loving your money was the way to get more of it? Even if you think you don’t have enough of it. I’ve always been pretty good at keeping track of my money, but I wasn’t tracking it every day. And when I did, I started to notice some of the underlying beliefs that existed in relation to money. I was totally surprised to learn I still had limiting money beliefs that I wasn’t even aware of. This is a job that gets done and then it's over. Tracking your money, paying attention to it and integrating money management into your daily activities will attract money.

Let's remember that money helps us to do good in the world. When you have money you can donate to worthwhile causes and bring pleasure to other people. If you feel awkward talking about money then that is a clue to look within to discover money blocks. If you can't talk about it how can you handle having it. Check in right now and see how you would feel if you had a large amount in your bank account. What do you feel physically and what thoughts arise. Write them down they are gold to understand your relationship with money.

Your money action steps:

To discover your limiting money beliefs start tracking your money every day. For the next 30 days check your bank account and see what’s come in, what’s gone out. Open those envelopes and pay your bills on time. Most important of all every time you do any kind of action with money keep a notepad handy and write down how you are feeling. Really, I mean it. When you open the next bill see if you get a pit in your stomach, see if your heart flutters when a mortgage payment gets deducted or a hefty school bill is due. If you discover feelings you don’t enjoy, that tells you you’re hanging on to limiting money beliefs.

Shift your energy and shift your bank balance.


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