What Every Healer Ought to Know to Answer their Calling

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Where to start when the calling to do more gets so loud that you can’t ignore it anymore.

You’re standing on the beach and ahead of you is the wide open ocean. You know that there’s something really grand on the other side but there’s a journey that you need to take to get there. This journey can be experienced with more pleasure than pain if you take a few key steps before you head out on your journey.

What I normally see, and I’ve been there myself, is that we are wanting so much to be in that other place we never chart a course on how to get there. So let me save you some grief.

If you set out across that wide open sea you can find yourself taking steps towards something, but things come along and that makes you change direction, and change direction, and change direction, and change direction.

You gettin’ the picture?

The sort of ‘things’ that happen are sometimes within your control – like that kitchen cupboard that must be sorted out right now, or that gadget you’ve been meaning to buy so you go out to the shops as you have to have it Right Now.

Other things come along that are out of your control – like the teacher calls and you have to go in to a parent teacher meeting, your dogs get sick and need to go the vet. Life doesn’t stop just because we have a dream or a calling.

So, getting back to this heading out to sea thing. What happens is you end up out in the open sea with no land in sight and you end up lost with no clear way to get to where you want to be.

Now what?

In the same way as if you were actually out at sea it’s important to have a destination and then a chart a course to navigate your journey, so you end up where you want to be. Just as ancient explorers did, modern navigators use the stars to chart their course. Using the stars helped them to plot where they were in relation to a fixed point, so they would know if they needed to adjust their course and avoid getting completely lost.

It’s exactly the same if you want to answer your calling by starting your own business. I’ve got my top three things to tick off your list to help you chart your journey, so you can enjoy it even more.

1. Be clear on your destination