When you don’t feel like working in your healing business

Woman lying in bed with eyes closed
Too tired to work in my healing business

I don’t feel motivated to work in my business. I’m not feeling it. I’m waiting to be inspired. I’ve been too tired to work in my business.

Your business can’t survive if you run it based on how you feel. The truth is most healers work way too hard in their business, so no wonder they get burned out. They work hard taking action believing they are working on their business. However, usually they are busy taking action but not growing their business.

How do I know this?

Because I know that if their action isn’t linked to how they will be bringing in sales then their action is focused in the wrong direction. All actions in a business need to be linked to bringing in revenue. The only way a business grows and survives is be focused on revenue.

I understand that this topic can be uncomfortable for some. If you’re not focused on generating a living from your business then you're a hobby and there is nothing wrong with that. If it’s a hobby you want then you don’t need to spend money and effort on building a business.

If you want more from your efforts, read on.

The dream

What happens is many business owners are lured in by hope, to take action in their business following all the latest advice they get from social media. Many have paid good money to coaches and still don’t get great results.

Healing and wellness businesses are being sold this dream that they can miraculously make more money than they could dream about with almost no effort.

It’s not true.

The reality

This is when practitioners get overwhelmed because when they sign up for these program that promise the world they are met with a long list of tasks that they are not ready to tackle. They get confused and start to spiral down into a pit of demotivation that they sometimes can’t get out of for days, weeks, or even years.

They are often looking for an answer to solve all their problems and they end up buying yet another program that doesn’t deliver. Instead, the problems pile up and now they have more debt and more pressure to make money. It seems an uphill battle to get the basics done let alone get to a point where they feel they are thriving in business.