When you don’t feel like working in your healing business

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Too tired to work in my healing business

I don’t feel motivated to work in my business. I’m not feeling it. I’m waiting to be inspired. I’ve been too tired to work in my business.

Your business can’t survive if you run it based on how you feel. The truth is most healers work way too hard in their business, so no wonder they get burned out. They work hard taking action believing they are working on their business. However, usually they are busy taking action but not growing their business.

How do I know this?

Because I know that if their action isn’t linked to how they will be bringing in sales then their action is focused in the wrong direction. All actions in a business need to be linked to bringing in revenue. The only way a business grows and survives is be focused on revenue.

I understand that this topic can be uncomfortable for some. If you’re not focused on generating a living from your business then you're a hobby and there is nothing wrong with that. If it’s a hobby you want then you don’t need to spend money and effort on building a business.

If you want more from your efforts, read on.

The dream

What happens is many business owners are lured in by hope, to take action in their business following all the latest advice they get from social media. Many have paid good money to coaches and still don’t get great results.

Healing and wellness businesses are being sold this dream that they can miraculously make more money than they could dream about with almost no effort.

It’s not true.

The reality

This is when practitioners get overwhelmed because when they sign up for these program that promise the world they are met with a long list of tasks that they are not ready to tackle. They get confused and start to spiral down into a pit of demotivation that they sometimes can’t get out of for days, weeks, or even years.

They are often looking for an answer to solve all their problems and they end up buying yet another program that doesn’t deliver. Instead, the problems pile up and now they have more debt and more pressure to make money. It seems an uphill battle to get the basics done let alone get to a point where they feel they are thriving in business.

These are signs of an overworked healing business owner:

  • You have spent good money on coaching programs but haven’t fully completed or finished them

  • You have partially built packages and products but many are in draft or not finished

  • Most of your work is in your head with few of your brilliant ideas written down

  • You work flat out and get burned out

  • You don’t keep track of money going in and money going out and find times where you feel short of cash

  • You have a big collection of free handouts and very few have been fully read or rarely implemented

  • You're good at what they do but can’t seem to get enough clients which deflates your energy

Many give up.

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing - that’s why we recommend it daily”

Zig Ziglar

I understand these symptoms because I have lived them too. There is way too much advice on how to run a successful business.

So where do you start?

Success habits

What I have to share with you. Here are some of the actions of a successful business owner:

  • They have a clear message and brand and consistently talk about the same limited subjects

  • They have a specific program at the core of their work that has been tested, sells and gets clients results

  • They plan their work by the year, quarter, month, week and day

  • They schedule in down time and schedule in holidays and family time so they don’t get burnt out

  • They have prepared and scheduled content on their social media to reduce the amount of time and effort they need to apply to being online

  • They delegate tasks that don’t earn them revenue to save their time for income generating tasks (you can’t be seeing a client if you are busy writing posts)

  • The back of their business is as organised as the front end appears. They have systems in place to make their actions easier and consistent.

  • They learn the skills they need to do what’s important in their business (Systems, Sales and Service)

Their actions don’t depend on how they feel.

What now?

To consistently bring in income you must run your business like a professional. That means building good business habits. Good business habits are built over time. Don’t be hard on yourself. Nobody starts out as the business owner that gets it right first go, nobody. It takes time to rewire your brain and build up new habits.

As Abraham Hicks would say “You can’t get there from here”. It’s important to start building these habits bit by bit.

I find the above success habits can be grouped into one of three categories:

  • Mindset

  • Foundations

  • Revenue

By making sure you put some effort into each of these areas each week you will be starting to build some good habits.

To build these new actions into habits start with one small goal for each category. It might be:

  • Mindset - meditate each day, journal each evening, journal about my money beliefs each day

  • Foundations - plan and batch create my social media content for the week, take one step to building my program, write out my packages

  • Revenue - make a list of people I can share what I’m doing in my business, reach out to 2 people a day.

Pick one habit in each category you want to start building up. It’s not a race, it’s okay to start step by step. Pick an action that fits in that category (I’ve given you some examples above). You’ll know what you should be doing. Break it down into a small step that you can start building a habit around. It must be small and it must be sustainable.

Imagine what your life will be like when you start doing these actions effortlessly. Take some time to feel into what that would be like. What you want to do is use all your senses. That will help your brain make the connection between what you plan to do and bring to life other parts of your brain to help you out.

Plan then do, plan then do. That’s they cycle. Keep it going.

“Motivation isn’t something you wait for, it arrives after you’ve taken action.”

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