Why Start-ups Miss out on Clients

be different, stand out

There is one main reason why startups leave money on the table and become invisible to clients.

Let’s explore what most startups fail to do. Most startups are not specific about who they help and how they help them.

If as a startup you don’t provide a compelling reason why someone should stop and take notice of you, you will miss out on attracting the right clients that see value and want to pay you.

What does being specific mean exactly? It means focusing on one problem you solve and the one person you solve that problem for.

I totally understand why at the start this seems scary. Holistic therapists have a driving passion to help people, they feel called to be of service to human kind.

Human kind means everyone right?

In learning their skills as a practitioner they have helped a whole variety of people overcome a variety of conditions.

So what’s wrong with getting people results?

Wellness practitioners are passionate and committed and therefore when starting out they seek to share what they know to whoever will listen and they want to appeal to many different audiences.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with helping a whole range of people. It’s only natural to appeal to a variety of people and for you to be able to help a variety of people with a variety of problems.

But, this becomes their undoing.

There is one main factor why this doesn’t work. That is because people can’t see that you will be the perfect person to help them. Even worse than that, others won’t know who to refer to you.

This results in leaving money on the table because people don’t know how you can help them. You become invisible.

This is so important for holistic therapists because you’re no a plumber. We all know what plumbers help us with. They help us with our plumbing. So, we know when we need one and what they can help us with.