Soul Business Mastery Retreat

Ready to break free from the 9 to 5 and become a successful Soul Business Woman? 

Are you a professional woman with a deep soul calling to leave your job and begin an inspiring and meaningful life as a wellness practitioner? 

Do you want to create a successful practice offering high values services but aren’t quite sure how? 

Do you feel stuck, overwhelmed and worried about how to set up, market and grow your new business, struggling with cycles of frustration, stagnation and self-doubt? 

Well, what if I told you that EVERYONE struggles with these challenges transitioning from a career to a successful wellness business.


You’re far from alone!

There’s a solution and you’re about to find out why

Hello, my name is Suzanna Hatch and I’m the Founder of the Soul Business Academy. Through my work as a Soul Business Coach speaking with hundreds of women on this exact journey, I’ve discovered that the women who make it from hobby healer to successful Six-Figure Soul Business Woman learned how to run a whole business, not just a pretty Instagram account!

Being a successful Six-Figure Soul Business Woman means thinking like a Business Leader and at the Soul Business Academy I’ll teach you everything you need to know to cover ALL your bases, so you can relax and turn paying clients into raving fans, growing a highly respected wellness practice with ease.

I call it the Business Roadmap to Your Soul Calling. And that’s what I’m going to teach you at this unique and action-packed Soul Business Retreat.

What to expect at the Soul Business Retreat 

During a fun, illuminating and invigorating three days, you’ll experience a deep immersion into your new self and new life to activate your destiny. 

This highly practical retreat combines the masculine with the feminine, energy work with mindset tools and roll-up-your-sleeves action. 

With hands-on help, guidance and teamwork, you’ll gain a head-start developing essential business structures, products and marketing techniques to boost the momentum for your successful wellness business. 

You’ll connect with other soul-centred professional women in a fun and supportive small group setting, creating wonderful connections and a brains trust for the years to come.  

You’ll enjoy daily meditation and delicious fresh, healthy food with time to relax by the pool, explore the beautiful grounds and book a massage.

Most importantly, you’ll have the opportunity to disconnect from your daily life and really drop into your new reality, restoring and upgrading your energy for the chapter ahead.

You’ll come away feeling energised, clear and way more confident about how to create the successful future you’ve been longing for. You’ll know how to incorporate all those other courses and tools you’ve invested in. AND you’ll be invited into my Soul Business community where you’ll receive a stack of bonuses and support to keep you on track for the months beyond.


There’s never been a better time to become a successful Soul Business Woman

The future of the Complimentary Therapy industry is so exciting. This growing industry is predicted to reach US$210 Billion globally in value by 2026*. Yep! 

More and more people are turning to Complimentary Therapies as our planet experiences rapid and unprecedented change, to support traditional medicine approaches and improve overall health outcomes.

I want every practitioner, healer or therapist to know that there are more than enough clients to go around

You can define your unique style, approach and value to attract the EXACT clients you seek that need the medicine that only YOU and your uniquely beautiful soul can provide. 

You can create a business and lifestyle that works for YOU, your goals and your desires, not the other way around. A life that is sustainable, joyous, fulfilling and rewarding. 

But you can only do this if you approach your new business like a WHOLE business and learn to do what it takes to be successful, the quicker, easier way.

This could be the most important retreat you attend in your life

You will learn how to create money. Not as a one-off, but as an ongoing income stream that funds your new lifestyle, so that you are absolutely ready  to finally say bye bye to the rat race.

This is YOUR time. The world needs your gifts and for you to rise up and claim your rightful place as a Leader of the Wellness Revolution.

Don’t be the world’s best kept secret! Take the leap and begin your destiny. 

Join your Soul Business tribe and step into your future at the Soul Business Retreat. 

* Grand View Research Inc.


Outline of the Soul Business Mastery Retreat

From the moment you arrive you will feel the stresses of daily life melting away as you soak up your beautiful surroundings and reenergise for the days ahead.

Your Friday afternoon will begin with our formal welcome and introductions as we get to know each other, share our passions and what we want to get out of our time together. We will focus on releasing resistance and . You’ll learn how to discover your blocks that could sabotage your business and discover the Seven Step Roadmap for a successful and sustainable Six Figure Business.  

Your evening will finish with a delectable welcome dinner to create connections that will last well beyond our time together.
Each day we will have a gentle start giving you time for daily meditation and digging deeper into the work we do. Relaxed mornings and down-time are perfect times to connect with others on this journey with you and help each other make even more progress. 

Saturday is the day we really roll up our sleeves and piece-by-piece, design the building blocks of your successful Six-Figure Soul Business. There will be time for quiet reflection and group work with lots of opportunities for questions and guidance. Nobody gets left behind and we all champion each other.

By the end of the day you will be able to confidently talk about your special contributions to the world and who you help. You will have the chance to dream big and put that dream out there! You’ll start manifesting and energising your future life right away.

Sunday, we continue the good work as we reshape the current masculine paradigm. Today is all about creating the essential packages to earn the revenue you need to fund your new lifestyle, while maintaining the integrity of who you are and enjoy a profitable business on your terms.  Today is about setting you up for sustainable success.

Monday is our final day where we will spend the morning bringing it all together. Today is about feminine flow, interaction and connection. Learn the modern feminine sales strategies and practice presenting your work to each other and the group. This work will build your confidence so that you can effortlessly tell others what you do and how you help them and bring in paying clients with ease.

Our time together closes with a beautiful heartfelt ritual to reinforce the bonds we have made over our four days together. 
As you leave you will feel empowered to rise as a Leader of the Wellness Revolution ready to give value and bring wellness to the world.

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