How real is your business?

What do you need to do to get from hobby to a legitimate business

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Create Your Business Roadmap

Want a business roadmap?

Get your business roadmap and create simple core elements to confidently build foundations for growth. Step out of hobby mode for good.


Tips and Advice

Your business roadmap has three core elements.


Mindset - Don’t under estimate the power of your mind and how you feel. It is at the foundation of every action and every choice you make in your business. You must pay attention to your mindset and build it into how you do your day to day business. Practice your modality and have daily rituals to bring yourself into alignment. My hot tip, have a buddy that helps keep your mindset on track. Do this even if you think you’ve got a good mindset.


Foundations - If you want a successful business create the structure in your business the way a professional business person would from the start. Once you get very busy it’s much harder to go back and clean things up. Even if you avoid structure it doesn’t mean you don’t need structure to be successful. This one part of your roadmap makes the biggest difference to getting out of hobby mode and into business mode.


Make money - Too many people shy away from being focused on making money. It’s the one reason you’re in business. You want the money coming in to pay the bills, create freedom and make an impact in the world. It doesn’t make you greedy to charge a fee for what you do. You need to have the right systems and have methods to get paid and have a structure to your services and products so you can easily guide people to buy from you. Your actions must consistently lead people to you or you end up with a boom and bust cycle in your business.

Business Roadmap Checklist

Build these core elements to create a solid foundation in your business

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Make a Bigger Impact and Share your Message with the World

Want help to unscramble your words into an impactful message?

Clarify what you stand for so others resonate with your work. Turn your scrambled ideas into an impactful message.

Magnetise your ideal clients so they find you.


Tips and Advice

When it comes to making a bigger impact and being clear on your message there are three fundamental components that must exist:


You can’t get clear on your message until you understand who it is you are trying to help. People will seek out a practitioner to help them. To be the person that can help them you first need to understand them. Understand the journey they have been on, their experiences and what things have been like for them so that you can connect with your potential clients.


If you want to make a bigger impact you need to be clear on what kind of impact you want to make. This stems from your philosophy, what you believe others need to know and understand in order for them to experience a shift in their life. Be clear on what your potential clients need to do, so that if they did those things they would have the results they wanted.


You make an impact when you have helped someone change their life, change their circumstances and change their experience. You create a transformation for them. This is where it’s important to be clear on your process and how you bring a change to your clients. Being clear on your method and being able to explain that in a way that sounds comforting to a potential clients will help you get noticed so that you can bring others transformation and make an impact locally and globally.

Business Impact Checklist

Your message starts with understanding what you have to say

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Build Momentum and Up Level

your Business

Want someone to hold your hand and show you the next step to take?

Get clear direction and personal guidance to maintain momentum and flow.

Stay on track, save time and increase your income without the overwhelm.


Tips and Advice

When it comes to keeping up momentum these are my key tips:


My number one tip is to have an accountability buddy. Someone who is either on the same journey as you or someone who is ahead of you who can give you the benefit of their experience. A good accountability buddy goes beyond having a good connection they help to keep you on track. It’s important to monitor what you plan to do and what you have done so you can stay on track. Even if you feel you are good at taking actions their is more to staying on track than ticking off your checklist.


Have a plan. Ideally you would think about a 90 day cycle and break the down into what you plan to achieve each month and then break that down into what you need to get done each week. Having a plan is the only way to know if you are heading in the right direction. A plan doesn’t stifle your creativity and doesn’t lock you in. It simply documents your thinking so you can stick with what you intend.


Build good habits. The difference between staying in hobby mode and growing a business are the day to day small habits. Taking actions consistently, keeping a healthy mindset, working step by step towards a plan to earn your planned income, consistently asking for the sale, and consistently making connections online and offline.

Business Momentum Checklist

Some of the habits that will build and keep momentum going in a growing business

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Heal from the Inside Out,
Release what doesn't Serve

Want to reduce stress, elevate confidence and reconnect to your purpose?

Release the blocks, fear and confusion to allow confidence to flow back in

Tips and Advice

You can’t have what you don’t believe you can have. Problem is we often don’t know what our beliefs are. 

When healers and energy workers are stalled at the hobby stage of their business it’s usually because they have one or all three of these blocks in play. 


They harbour hidden beliefs about not having money. They are confused and worried about finding clients who will pay them. They are nervous and fearful about talking about what they do and being visible in the wider world.


The Soul Business Academy specialised in clearing blocks, reducing stress and elevating confidence.


We bring your blocks to the surface so they can be gently be put back into perspective. We give you strategies to reduce overwhelm and build your confidence. We also like to add practices to magnetise clients and make a soul connection to the difference you want to make in the world. What’s good for you is also good for your business. Don’t neglect one at the cost of the other. Seek support even if you think you don’t need it.


Heal your life and free yourself from feeling stuck and overwhelmed.

Align and Heal Checklist

My best tips to keep you aligned with your calling

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The Soul Business Academy uses ancient and modern techniques to release stress and elevate confidence:

  • PSYCH-K®

  • Genome Healing

  • Reiki

  • Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP)

  • Coaching

  • Meta Dynamics

  • Meditation

  • Holistic Counselling